What's SASL and how it works?
Simple Authentication and Security Layer (SASL) is a framework for authentication and data security in Internet protocols. It decouples authentication mechanisms from application protocols, in theory allowing any authentication mechanism supported by SASL to be used in any application protocol that uses SASL.

What are the advantages of authentication?

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How to configure SASL account?

Configure your SASL account

If you have any questions or need help, please join #ircnet.

How to configure SASL on IRC client?

Configure SASL for ZNC

/query *status loadmod sasl

/msg *sasl mechanism PLAIN

/msg *sasl set <username> <password>

/query *status jump

/squery saslservice status

Configure SASL for mIRC

Step-by-step instructions:

Configure SASL for HexChat

Step-by-step instructions:

If everything was configured correctly, you should see a SASL authentication successful message when you connect. You will already be identified to NickServ, so you don’t need to do this again.

Configure SASL for Irssi

/network add -sasl_username <login> -sasl_password <password> -sasl_mechanism PLAIN ircnet2

/server add -net ircnet2 open.ircnet2.net 6667

Configure SASL for WeeChat

It is possible to connect via SASL in two ways.

PLAIN Mechanism:

/server add ircnet2 open.ircnet2.net/6667 -notls

/set irc.server.ircnet2.sasl_mechanism plain

/set irc.server.ircnet2.sasl_username <nickname>

/set irc.server.ircnet2.sasl_password <password>


/connect ircnet2


In your Linux shell:

In WeeChat:

/server add ircnet2 open.ircnet2.com/6667

/set irc.server.ircnet2.sasl_mechanism ecdsa-nist256p-challenge

/set irc.server.ircnet2.sasl_username <login-id>

/set irc.server.ircnet2.sasl_key "%h/ecdsa.pem"                          

/connect ircnet2

This method is much safer, we recommend it!

Connected! Now...

You can hide your IP address by assigning a cloaked hostname.

You can join channels which allow only authenticated users to join (+r).

You can make your channel more secure by allowing access only to SASL authenticated users.

How to  add restriction:
/mode #channel +r

How to remove restriction:
/mode #channel -r

You can choose to chat privately only with certified users (+R).

How to  add restriction in query:
/mode <your-nick> +R

How to remove restriction in query:
/mode <your-nick> -R

You can recover your nick, if someone else is using it.

If someone else is using your nick on IRC, you can recover it by using the following command twice:


Nicks can only be approved by administrators.